Welcome to Metro Map

Updates v2.6.0

  • Updated Metro logo
  • Updated data update date
  • Updated deployment method

Updates v2.5.0

  • Updated various libraries
  • Concat and minify js/css assets
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.3.0
  • Added Slope >25% and building footprints
  • Added Simple Base Map

Updates v2.1.0

  • Fixed bugs associated with taxlot searching
  • Fixed bugs associated with clearing results
  • Fixed bugs associated with authentication cookies

Updates v2.0.6

  • Removed custom taxlot search box - enter wildcard taxlot searches in the main search box.
  • Changed taxlot color to red outline in all modes.
  • Removed popup on map when printing - changed to label at top of page.
  • Re-integrated taxlot autosuggest
  • Prevented autosuggest from auto-selecting first candidate
  • Improvements to geocoders.
Enter wildcard taxlot searches (e.g. 1s2E01BD) in the main search box above.

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